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Vanessa Makes Things


Today’s #inktober. This one’s super cheerful.

Another #inktober. You know how everyone’s drawing some of their favorite children’s characters as teens? This is partly my vision of what Prue McKeel from Wildwood would look like, and partly a what I wore from the the other day, ha. She and I have the same style (and almost same hair!)

Another #inktober. I guess I’ve kind of fallen to doing these when I have time?  Oh well…ha…

Man, I got kind of behind on my inktobers! Sometimes life gets in the way — but here’s a little one from today.

#inktober day seven!

And #inktober day six is a little Elsa to go with my Anna!

#inktober day five (posted late)

#inktober day four (posted late)

#inktober day three. This is one of my characters when she was young and optimistic and still convinced that she could rule the world.

#inktober day two! Thank you so much for all the love you guys gave yesterday’s illustration — and hello new followers! :D