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And the second character for the-dreaming-butterfly, Makoto Tachibana from Free!.I hadn’t gotten a chance to catch this anime before this request so this was the perfect excuse to watch it while I worked this week. There are a whollllleee lot of shirtless dudes in this show, lol… (too bad skinny, fit boys are not my type!) But, it’s still a cute show and I loved this scene from the first episode of Eternal Summer, it definitely endeared Makoto to me. 

To my final commission holder, I have your drawing penciled but I’m going to be out of town this weekend, so I’ll be painting it on Tuesday! If any of you get this Monday off, I hope you have a wonderful long weekend!

And here for the-dreaming-butterfly is her character Vanessa! She’s a total badass and a doctor — plus it was cool as a Vanessa to draw a Vanessa! She requested her characters separately (which I should have specified you all could have done, sorry, haha, next time!) so I’ll be posting the next one tomorrow!

Third commission! Here are hoolyknife's characters, the switches (sisters+witches, love it!) Ashlyn and Azalea. Everyone should go check out her art, too, at hoolygun. It’s really awesome!


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Okay, second commission! This one took a while to paint for some reason, but here is cantpoisonitout with hermione, getting ready to cast some badass magic! I hope you like it!

Done with the first commission! This one is of jingie-jing with G-Dragon, dancing to one of his songs, haha. I hope you like it (and I hope I got all his tattoos right!). You have the most awesome hair! :D 

Up next will be cantpoisonitout!

…And the winners are!






Thank you once again to everyone that entered and to all of you for following me! If you didn’t win this time, don’t worry, I’ll have another contest like this in the future. I’m also thinking that I’ll open up paid commissions at some point, too. :) To those of you that won, keep your ask boxes open, I’m going to send you a message!

Contest is Closed

All right guys, the contest is closed! Thank you so much to everyone who participated! I’ll announce the winners at 12 PM EST today!


-The contest will be open for 48 hours.  You have until 10:30 AM EST on Sunday August 17th to participate. 

-Reblog this post for a chance to enter. Only reblogs will be counted, this is to keep track of who’s actually interested in receiving art and who’s just being supportive.

-Each person’s name is entered once.  Only people who are following me will be entered.

-If you follow me between now and when the contest is finished, I will not include your name. Sorry guys, this is to thank past people for supporting me. I do appreciate your new support though! And I’ll have contests again in the future. :) I also want to try to cut down on people just following me to win something, or people making duplicate accounts to try to rig the contest. Those are unlikely events, but just to try to be fair, this is to thank past followers.

-keep your ask boxes open, I’ll post here and message the winners around 12 PM EST August 17th.  You’ll have 24 hours to reply. If you don’t, I’ll pick another winner, no hard feelings.


Five people will receive a free full-color commission like the drawing above of up to two characters. The characters can be human or animal, whatever, but I draw people better than I do anything else so keep that in mind. The characters can either be existing characters (fan art) or your own OCs, but if the characters are yours (or if I haven’t heard of the existing characters), I’ll want you to send me a description of them including things like personality. It’s always easiest if you have visual reference for them! If you don’t have visual reference, you’ll have to accept my personal interpretation of what you told me.  Nothing NSFW, period.  This time around I won’t be giving out physical copies of anything, I’ll just be posting the finished paintings here on tumblr.  


I’ve never done a contest before, so please be patient with me as I figure this out. I might do things things dumbly this time, but it’s a learning curve. :) Also, I’m a slow painter so it may take me a week or two to complete these. But as I said before, you ARE getting them for free. ;)

Thank you once again for all of your support! I hope you guys enjoy your paintings! 


We should all feel safe in our own country irregardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or creed. We will overcome their hatred with our love.

(illustration inspired by simply-divine-creation)