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Vanessa Makes Things


A warm up ink of an outfit I like.

A little doodle of this guy. This has been a busy week: work work work, sleep, work work work.

I really enjoy designing textiles and clothes, can you tell?

Designing cold weather costumes. :)

…And some process images for the sailor moon illustration if you were interested! I almost always do my color roughs digitally. :)

I finally got around to watching Sailormoon Crystal the other day and it was pretty cute! I had some nerdy issues with the translation choices (Usagi says they’re dango about her hair but the English translation read “it’s a hairstyle” so it makes no sense when Mamoru calls her bun-head in response, siiigh) but that’s a usual complaint I have with Japanese translations (the problem with speaking the language, ha). But watching this reboot of my first anime — and the first thing I ever drew fan art for — made me want to watch the original show again. Which Hulu now has! Honestly, I was impressed with how well this show held up. Like many things I had watched as a 12 year old, I figured I’d roll my eyes at it now, but the writing was still really good to me this many years later. Sailormoon, whatever you may say about it, was an excellently crafted show for its target audience and as cute as the new one is, it’ll never replace the original show that opened my eyes to animation with non-episodic plot arcs and a whole new way of drawing. Since this show was a huge influence to my own art, helped create my opinions on storytelling, and inspired me to learn Japanese, I decided to draw some fan art to pay homage. Thanks Sailormoon, you were an awesome part of my childhood.