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Another internet vacation intermission.  I’m thinking that I’ll probably end up ending my internet vacation sometime this week even if it’s only halfway through the month.  All in all, it’s been a useful exercise, but I think a month is just too long.  I think I instead need to find a way to curb the twitch-instinct to check tumblr all day long, lol…

So, here’s a what I wore:  Madewell sweater, Zara skirt, Steven Alan bag, and MM6 oxfords.

An internet vacation intermission.  I’m still not checking my dash for the rest of April, but the break has actually gotten me to sketch like crazy which is good so I might start posting some of the results over the next few weeks.  Maybe a month is a tad long anyway… ;)

Hey guys!

I’m going to be taking an internet vacation for the rest of April as an experiment in productivity (basically acknowledging that tumblr + productivity doesn’t really add up to anything, lol). So for the next month I won’t be posting here, checking my dash, or replying to asks. Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful month - it means the world to me that you each have taken the time to check out my art over the years. Wish me luck - and productivity!

A little doodle of my characters fighting, haha.  Happy April Fools Day everyone! (I hate this holiday…lol)

Nico and Butter.

Digital color rough.

Day 29: Your favorite weather.

Summer thunderstorms.